The following articles provide helpful information on COVID-19 and how this pandemic can affect you, your family and your business. An archive of past articles is located at the bottom of the page for your use.

What you need to know about receiving your stimulus check

The United States Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service have begun distribution of Economic Impact Payments, with no action required for most people.

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Social Security Recipients Will Automatically Receive Economic Impact Payments

The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service today announced that Social Security beneficiaries who are not typically required to file tax returns will not need to file an abbreviated tax return to receive an Economic Impact Payment.

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When will you get your stimulus cash, and how?

The US government is preparing to send out direct payments to help individuals amid the coronavirus pandemic, but those who need the money most may be waiting the longest to see it.

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Slim chance of catching the virus from cash

Just how contaminated dollar bills may actually be is one of many concerns consumers might have as they consider the financial implications of the coronavirus and the way they interact with banks.

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Don't Bank on that Check

Scammers know how to design phony checks to make them look legitimate. In fact, the Council of Better Business Bureaus just released a list of the most “risky” scams, based on how likely people are to be targeted, how likely to lose money, and how much money they lost. Fake checks were number two.

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Scammers seek to steal from your 'stimulus check' before it's even issued

Even though Congress has yet to approve a stimulus plan, fraudsters are already finding ways to steal your money.

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How long should I keep records?

The length of time you should keep a document depends on the action, expense, or event which the document records. Generally, you must keep your records that support an item of income, deduction or credit shown on your tax return until the period of limitations for that tax return runs out.

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Smartphones for Banking

This year the number of mobile phone users will surpass 5 billion worldwide.

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Self-checkout lanes at a store can be fast and convenient; however, if you choose to use them your BBB is suggesting you take a second look at the machine you use to swipe your credit or debit card. 

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